WordCamp Detroit 2011 Coming This Fall!

Here we go again!  After last year’s SOLD OUT crowd, we couldn’t be more excited to bring back WordCamp Detroit!  We’ve been working hard to get things going again.  We’re looking at many new things this year; new format, more activities, new topics, and more!  We’re working on venues, speakers, and sponsorships right now.  As we are able to solidify more info we’ll definitely be sure to share that with you!  For now, get active, spread the word, WordCamp Detroit is coming this fall!

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2 Responses to WordCamp Detroit 2011 Coming This Fall!

  1. Rev. Voodoo says:

    Awesome! I’ll be sure to get the word going on VoodooPress.
    I’m just down the road, so if my work schedule allows, I’ll be present.

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